Purchased back in 2015 as a completley stock car this has been through lots of progressive changes over the years. We have truly been on a journey with the development of this car & it Spring 2019 it will be undergoing its biggest transformation yet! More detailed information can all be found on our  YouTube channel AUTO_UPGRADES_UK

LS3 V8 R33 GTR (AKA LS-33-GTR)

As th project title suggests this is a collabaration of a Nissan R33 GTR body with a brand new crate engine LS3 V8 & Tremec 6 speed manual gearbox, call it JDM vs American Muscle if you will. Due to the sensitive nature of this conversion & as we are also big JDM fans we have enginered the project to be totally reversible with only 3 small cuts made to the Skyline body.  The project is being filmed & posted on our YouTube channel at AUTO_UPGRADES_UK for those of you who want to know more about this as far as we know unique project.


We came across this old school hot hatch in one of our local recovery yards & made them promise that when it came time to dig something out near it then we had first refusal. It had a little panel damage but we knew she was worth saving & even better improving her for a more modern age. Again this project can be followed on our YouTube channel AUTO_UPGRADES_UK


A 2019 addition to the project car crew is Barry's E36 M3 Evo. This was already a fast road/track car when purchased & had been through a couple of peoples hands so whilst learning the car we have/will be making improvements with a view to getting a sub 8 minute Ring lap in 2020. Watch this space & also our YouTube channel where this car already features in a couple of videos.


Brand new for 2018 was this i30N which in all honesty is nearly perfect as a package already which is hard to do but improvements have already been made cosmetically including debadging & replacement black Hyundai badges front & rear. We also fitted a RaceChip to the vehicle but over Winter we found a few weak points which made us reconsider the purchase so its since been sold in favour of something a little older.


One of the cars used to replace the i30N was this UK spec DC2 Honda Integra Type R. Found in the Midlands this example has sensible mileage & most importantly almost zero rust which if you know Honda or more importantly Honda arches & sills then you will appreciate just how rare that is to find! The car is by no means perfect & with an OEM+ philosophy in mind we have are going through the car bringing it up to date & improving where we feel its nessesary. Call it a trip down memory lane but as with most fond memories we always see it through rose tinted glasses so the improvements will just improve of the overall driving experience.


So with the bearing issue taken into consideration it seemed pointless not to go for a fully forged rebuild so over the Winter the intention is build her back up to a bit of a back road & track day weapon with a minimum of 450bhp on tap. More info will be on our YouTube channel AUTO_UPGRADES_UK as we progress with this project.


This belongs to our workshop manager & although driven daily is being built to be a more track focused machine over time. The car has some decent upgrades already including induction kit, intercooler, down pipe & tune. It also has new wheels, tyres, brakes, springs & will soon have a carpeted rear with half cage. Its currently producing around 300bhp should be a lot of fun on track this season. This project is being followed on our YouTube channel AUTO_UPGRADES_UK


So called as this E92 330i is actually owned by our apprentice here at the shop! The idea behind the car was to develop it along with the drivers skills on road & track. The upgrades started with a stainless steel exhaust system inc custom sections & an ECU reflash but this was quickly added to with XT adjustable suspension & lighter wheels & gripier tyres. The next step up was in terms of power with a supercharger conversion which helps hike the power up to 365 BHP which required a custom oil cooler set up. It was also in desperate need of some etter seats so the fronts have been replaced with racing buckets & 4 point harnesses helping with the control of the vehicle when pushing on.


The owner of this s2000 has been a long term customer of ours & we have seen this start with just an induction kit & exhaust right through to its current 400+ bhp supercharged state. Sadly the car suffered a terminal engine failure whilst at the Nurburging late last year which then combined with the customer being out of the country on business lots this year has rendered it immobile for most of 2018. However the plan is to bring this little 'silver bullet' back to better than new with a decent overhaul over 2019 so wtach this space as it will be back bigger & stronger than ever!


Fresh from its running in period our customer was keen to start the 'upgrades' so new Mountune parts were collected including engine mount, FMIC, intake kit, dump valve, short shift kit, EIBACH lowering spring kit, a full Milltek exhaust, OZ wheels & YOKOHAMA tyres. Later we added bonnet vents & rear wing gurney flap & also a fully forged engine now resides in the bay ready for a big power future. The last piece of the puzzle for now is the Quaife ATB front differential which is ready for installation soon.

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